In the last several decades of our nation’s wars, our military’s Reserve and National Guard components have been thrust into an ever-expanding role as part of our regularly deployed forces. Our citizen-soldiers, in both function and cost-effectiveness, are becoming an increasingly valuable asset in fulfilling the needs of our nation.
While the modern application and relevance of our reserve forces continues to expand, the measure of their traditional training and funding, unfortunately, remains unchanged. Prior to our nation’s modern conflicts, the Reserve and National Guard components historically played a more auxiliary, often domestic role. This compelled very little scrutiny into their infrequent preparation, lack of subsidization, and the question of their actual combat effectiveness. It is now apparent that, in terms of their more dynamic application, our citizen-soldiers are at a distinct disadvantage. They continue to endure a scarcity of resources and training that results in a questionable effectiveness and morale.

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WAR Inc. is a veteran-run, non-profit organization, established by soldiers to help those on the front lines defending our freedoms. We believe wholeheartedly in our nation’s heritage and military traditions, and we are an organization that desires to give back to our troops in a way that is innovative and new. We deliver quality products, services, and opportunities to all of our troops and in particular our citizen-soldiers. Every purchase or donation goes directly into better equipping, preparing, and providing for our troops. Whether it’s combat training, equipment, counseling, or a care package, it is WAR Inc.’s goal to have our service members more highly skilled and better prepared. We want all of our troops to not only more effectively defend our freedoms, but to also return home to us safe and sound, both physically and mentally. Are you eager to make a difference? WAR Inc. exists to address the prevailing and significant needs of all of our service members. In order to act, however, we desperately need your help. We are eager to form permanent partnerships with organizations and companies that want to help us offer progressive solutions to the prevailing crises in our nation’s modern military. America is a great nation with a history that demonstrates a unique resilience and an innovative military dynamism. Be a part of that tradition with a force that is ready to provide every aid to our fighting heroes. We want you!

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